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03/04/2017  |  News

This month, our Ode to Spring scented candle has been featured in the May edition of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine. The latest of edition of the magazine is full of the joys of spring and has a wonderfully cheerful feel to it.

Spring is a time to celebrate the promise of warmer weather, the appearance of brightly coloured flowers and plants and the excitement of watching things grow in the garden. Our spring candle was featured in the magazine as it truly does epitomise the wonderful fresh, floral fragrances of spring.

eve of st agnes spring candle

Each hand-poured candle contains a blend on magnolia, linden blossom, geranium and mimosa oils. With a burn time of 40 - 45 hours, our candles will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance that will bring some spring sunshine into your home.

To get the best out of your scented candles, it is important to burn them for a minimum of a couple of hours, or until the pool of wax around the wick reaches the side of the glass. This will ensure the candle burns cleanly to the edges of the glass, all the way down and avoids 'tunneling'. 

When the candle has burned down to around 1-2cm from the bottom, extinguish the candle, wait for the wax to cool a little and you can then wipe out the remaining wax and wick, wash the glass out with soapy water and re-use as a glass or tumbler. 

Eve of St Agnes Spring scented candle

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