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Organic September

12/09/2017  |  News

Organic September was created by the Soil Association, it aims to get us to consider making the change to organic products this month.

The soil association was formed in 1946 by a group of people who were concerned about farming methods following the second world war. They were concerned about the impact these methods had on the countryside and its wildlife. This group helped to shape the first organic standards that were brought out in 1967.

The demand for organic produce has grown since the 1980’s with more people becoming concerned of non-organic farming methods, also the nutritional quality of non-organic foods. Visit the Soil Association website for further information on how you can get involved with organic September.

Organic produce means that no artificial herbicides or artificial fertilisers are used, leading to more environmentally sustainable land management, better for the environment and wildlife. Organic also means the highest quality of animal welfare, as animals are reared without the use of antibiotics.

It can be difficult to make the change completely to organic products and organic produce, but the aim of organic September is to encourage to think about the food they are eating and the products they are buying, how they are produced and where they are produced.

We have so far made the change to ensuring that all our bar soaps and liquid soaps are organic.  We are very proud of our soaps and would love you to experience their nourishing qualities and refreshing, natural fragrances. So to celebrate Organic September, we are offering 15% off all of our organic bar soaps and liquid soaps. Just enter the code ORGANIC at the checkout.

We hope you will take up the challenge to try more organic products this month, maybe just picking one product to always buy organic, such as eggs, meat, or some of your skincare and toiletries.


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